Craps is another classic option for online and offline players, although it is often more popular among experienced players. This is because Craps can seem a bit overwhelming to new players. That said, once you gain some experienced by playing for free, you will soon see that Craps is an entertaining and rewarding game worth the time it took to learn. NZ players need to practice placing the different bets available and understanding the gameplay to enjoy the experience to its full potential.

Online craps is definitely a game of chance and, as with any casino game, offers some level of risk. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but this is the nature of these types of games. The games are designed to give the New Zealand casino a house edge, therefore players must rely on a combination of luck and skill. It is worth noting that Craps is an enjoyable game that can offer hours of excitement, entertainment and wins as long as you keep a cool head and place good bets. If you follow the rules, learn some strategies and play responsibly, you have a decent chance of walking away a winner.

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How to Play Online Craps

Before playing, there are a few things you need to know about Craps. For one, there are so many ways in which you can place a bet. Secondly, there are a few terms you should come to learn. Let's take a look at the latter before we delve into the types of bets.

Key Terms and Functions in Craps

Shooter – A shooter is simply known as the dice roller who rolls two dice at a time. The game will start when you place either pass line or don’t pass line wager, which is a requirement for the shooter. Any other player who wants to join the round will need to make this bet as well.

First Roll Dice – The first dice roll is referred to as the ‘come out roll’ and landing a seven or 11 means the pass bets win, while a don’t pass bets will lose. The round will then end.

When rolling a two, three, or 12, the pass bet will lose, while the don’t pass bet will win and the round then ends. If any of the remaining numbers are rolled, a point number is established, and all players can start making any bet they choose. Rolling a point number or a seven means the round ends. If a point number is rolled before a seven, the pass bets wins, while the don’t pass bets wins if the seven is rolled first.

Types of Bets

As mentioned before, there are different types of bets available while playing online craps. These include Pass and Don’t Pass Bets as well as the following:

Come Bet – Those familiar with the pass bet will see that the come bet works similarly, except it is made during a round after a pass bet point number is made. Once your has been placed, the very next roll is known as your come out roll. Rolling a seven or 11 while playing a come out roll means you win. On the other hand, a two, three or 12 means you lose and any other number means the point number is assigned. This is completely separate of the pass bet point number and pass line bets. Rolling a come point bet number before seven means you win the bet and you are paid out depending on the point number rolled.

Don’t Come Bet – This is the opposite of a Come Bet. It is made during the round once the pass line point number bet is made. Once this bet is placed, you can either win or lose, or the point number bet is made for the next roll. Rolling a two or three means the player wins butrolling a seven or 11 means you lose. Rolling a 12 means the bet is tied. If any other number is rolled, the point number for the bet is made, while a seven rolled first means you win the bet.

Odds Bet – This side bet can be made on top of your initial bet. It can be madeanytime after the point number bet. An odds bet can be wagered when a pass, come bet, or don’t come bet is made. This works is the point number or a seven is rolled first. You win if your original bet win and you have to option to increase or decrease the odds at any time in the game.

If you are playing with a good online craps strategy, you can reduce the house edge and straightforward pass or don’t pass bets for the best results. Deciding what type of player you want to be – whether a conservative one or a high-roller – is a good way to decide what type of strategy to use.

Online Craps Strategies

There are a number of strategies available for online craps. These strategies claim to improve your chances of winning, although none of them can be considered as a guarantee. Determine between good and bad bets is a good place to start, while knowing the rules of the game is a given in order to have the most enjoyable and profitable experience. Using an online craps strategy will definitely give you an edge during gameplay and might result in some major successes.

That said, there is no strategy that will give you an edge against the house. Another thing to remember is that some bets offer worse odds than others, while other bets give you good odds that will result in more money against the house. Finding these bets and sticking to them while playing the game will result in your money lasting longer and a more rewarding overall experience.

Online craps, while not as popular as Blackjack and Roulette, is still a favourite at online casinos. These days, the best, most recognised casinos will have online craps within its games lobby. It will be worth your time checking around for the best option and trying out the game for free before placing real money bets. Craps is not as complicated as it seems, and once players have a good understanding of the game, the rewards will be great.

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