With so many players worldwide engaging in online gambling, players should be aware of certain roulette strategies. Many of the best New Zealand online casino sites feature roulette games. Kiwi players can have some great chances of winning with this classic table game. Some players even make use of betting systems that can improve overall payouts.

One of the common betting systems that is used when playing any roulette game is Paroli betting. This is a form of positive progression betting and simply put, it involves doubling the amount of the bet after each loss. This process is continued until three wins occur in a row.

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How the Betting System Works

The overall object when using the Paroli betting system for roulette is to get three wins in a row. While playing, you will double the amount of your wager with each win. To get started, players will bet a single unit on the game and the bet is on an even money option. If that bet loses, players will bet the same amount. This continues until a win occurs.

After the first win, players will bet two units. If this bet loses, they return to wagering just one unit on the game. However, if the bet wins, the amount of the bet is then increased to four units. The amount of the wager will end in a net loss of just one unit or an overall profit of 7 units. Once three wins are enjoyed, the progression starts over and is repeated.

Understanding the Logic

While most betting systems may seem like a waste of money to players, this Paroli system makes some sense. It is based on the idea that wins and losses always come in streaks. You will be able to maximize your profits by increasing bets during a winning streak.

One of the benefits of using the Paroli roulette betting system is that it ensures that no wager will ever risk more than a single unit from the bankroll. Larger bets will be placed using money won from the house and every time there is a run of three wins, players will profit 7 units. This will usually cover any losses that have been incurred prior to the wins.

Since this system does not require a huge bankroll, it is suitable for new players. When losses do occur, they are typically for small amounts and there is never a concern about exceeding any table limits at NZ online casinos.

Long Term Results

When you play roulette at an online casino and make use of the Paroli betting system, you can expect lower losses and some large wins. Statistically, these will balance out in the long run. If you are looking to play multiple hands and wish to spend some time at the roulette table, this would be the better betting strategy to use.

When using this system, you will be placing bets on even money options such as Red/Black or Odd/Even. Each of these will have a 50% chance of winning and a payout of 1:1. While these odds are the best for earning returns, the overall payouts are on the low side. As a long-term player, you will preserve your bankroll while earning some decent returns on three consecutive wins.

However, you should also keep in mind that all online roulette games have a house edge. They are designed to generate revenue for the casino, not to pad the players' pockets. If you are lucky enough to win three times and generate a profit be sure to have limits in place. Knowing when to walk away is the best betting strategy when playing roulette. Always take your profits and bank them. If you do continue to play, be sure to gamble with house money and try to avoid depleting t eh bankroll.

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