Roulette Pivot

At the best New Zealand casino sites, you will find a great assortment of roulette games. These games are very popular with players and they can yield some impressive results. Over the years, players have devised many strategies that can be used to improve gameplay and increase the chances of winning.

Unfortunately, no strategy is foolproof and there is never a guaranteed way to bet and win when playing roulette. Even knowing this, players continue to search for and use strategies when playing. One popular one is the roulette Pivot strategy.

This strategy is believed to be one of the oldest used while playing roulette. There is no exact date as to when it started being used, but it has become one of the more popular options for players who are engaging in real money play at the roulette tables at top-rated NZ online casinos.

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Roulette Pivot

The Roulette Pivot Strategy Explained

Many of the strategies you will find being used at the roulette tables are rather similar. With the Pivot strategy, players are using the concept of hit numbers based on how many times a number hits within a few spins of the wheel. A hot number is one that is expected to be the outcome of future games.

The same theory applies to cold numbers. These are numbers that have not appeared in recent games. Using this strategy, players believe these cold numbers are due to hit, so they place their wagers on these numbers.

To use the Pivot strategy, you will want to take some time to watch games without betting to see what the results are. By doing this, you can track hot and cold numbers and place your bets accordingly. The Pivot strategy is all based on the idea that numbers will repeat. Unfortunately, since roulette games are games of chance, there is no way to predict what number will appear or when that will happen.

Using the Pivot Strategy Online

This strategy is one that is commonly used at land casinos as players stand and observe games before betting. While it can also be used at online casinos, it is not overly effective. Online roulette games are controlled by a Random Number Generator that guarantees random results with every spin of the wheel.

If you are using this strategy when playing online roulette, you should stick to even money bets until you determine your pivot number. Since there is no way to observe games prior to betting, the best way to minimize losses is to bet the smallest amount. Even money bets also offer better chances at winning. While you are getting your hot and cold numbers, you can win some payouts and will also preserve your bankroll.

Does this Strategy Work?

The validity of the Pivot strategy is still widely debated. Some players believe it works and others believe there is no strategy that can alter outcomes or payouts. Mathematically speaking, the Pivot strategy is not a viable option for guaranteeing wins at the roulette table. It does not work and there is no way to predict the outcome of any game.

There may seem to be hot and cold numbers, but betting on these will give you the same exact chances of wining as betting on any other numbers. It is impossible to predict hot and cold numbers and it is also impossible to predict where the roulette ball will fall on the wheel.

Even though the Roulette Pivot strategy is still used today, it is a weak strategy that only increases the hopes of winning. While you will not incur additional losses, it is not a beneficial strategy to improve any chance of winning.

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