Monopoly Live

Evolution Gaming has been putting out top class live dealer titles for a long time now. One of its latest releases is the highly impressive Monopoly Live. We’ve taken a closer look at the game to see what it has to offer players.

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Monopoly Live

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What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is one of the newest games to come from Evolution Gaming. It combines the classic gameplay that Dream Catcher offers to players with the board game experience of Monopoly. It uses a game show host and augmented reality to really make this one of the most immersive live dealer games on the market. If Dream Catcher grabbed your attention, then this will definitely take it to another level.

Where can you play Monopoly Live?

There are lots of different sites out there that offer players the ability to enjoy Monopoly Live. Just look through some high quality casino reviews and you’ll be able to find a site that offers this for you.

How do you play Live Monopoly?

When playing Monopoly Live it is important to understand that it’s slightly different to other casino games out there. Players can make things work in relation to their own desires in terms of the betting options. When placing a bet, each one has a different RTP applied to it. So if you want to take things a bit riskier, you can choose a lower RTP bet. Want to play it safer, then a higher RTP is there for you.

When the game begins the first step for players is to place their bets. Placing can bet on the numbers or the roll bonuses. The numbers award an instant payout, similar to Roulette, and each number has a different RTP. Lower RTP numbers have a higher payout, higher RTP numbers have a lower payout.

If the wheel awards a chance then players will get an instant win, no matter what bet they initially placed. The instant win can award two different options. The first is a cash payout. While this is a good prize to get, the second option is usually the one players want. This awards a multiplier that is applied to the wheel. Your original bet will then be readded to the wheel, without charging you again, and if it wins then the multiplier will increase the size of your bet. While it isn’t a common occurrence, sometimes multipliers can land twice in a row which can increase them up to 100 times! This can lead to huge prizes.

If you chose the roll bonus instead of a number then this will award the chance to play the Monopoly board when it lands on the wheel. The properties that are on the board can give players a payout of between 1 and 1,000 times the player stake. To make this even more impressive, if the multipliers are in action then it will increase the size of the payouts even more. To add even more to proceedings, if there are houses or hotels on the properties then the size of the payout increases even higher. It means that there are some absolutely fantastic payouts available here.

You can be awarded between 2 and 4 rolls depending on which roll bonus the wheel lands on. You can also win additional spins if you get a double on your dice roll in the game.

Live Monopoly Features

When it comes to bonuses that are included in the game, the chance card and roll bonus are the two bonus features that are included here. It offers the ability for some amazing prizes to be won by players, especially if the multipliers become part of things.

It’s not just the bonuses in the game that are available though. Players also have the ability to grab some extra bonuses from promotions that online casinos offer. So if you look through the different promotions that the site you play at has available, you might be able to increase your overall bankroll on the game. This will offer the opportunity to play it at a much higher level and enjoy it far more in the process.

What’s the Maximum Payout for Monopoly Live?

It depends on the stake level that you are playing at. The maximum stake level has the payout capped at 1,000 times the player stake. However, the lower stake levels can award prizes up to 10,000 times the player stake. It means that there are some excellent wins available in the game.

Obviously, if you choose to play at a lower stake it will allow you to play for longer. The size of the wins might generally be lower than when playing at a higher stake, but the fact that the magnitude of the wins in relation to the stake can be so much higher means that in terms of strategy it might be more sensible to play this game at a lower stake and get access to the 10,000 times your stake prize.

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