Playing Anonymously

When you choose to play at an online casino, you should be ready to share some personal information with that site. The majority of players who gamble online do not have a problem offering some details. Most of the top-rated sites are known to offer extreme player protection, so this information is always securely stored. However, you may wish to remain anonymous when you gamble online and this is also an option at some sites. There are some things you can do to protect your privacy and not have to provide a casino with any sensitive details when you sign up. Since you will most likely be playing with real money, you will want to protect as much information as possible.Here, we take a look at the different ways you can remain anonymous while still having full access to a casino site. With these tips, you can create an account and begin wagering without ever worrying about your information being out there.

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Playing Anonymously

Create a Unique Account

Whenever you create an account at an online casino, you should have a separate email that is being used that is not associated with your main email address. You will also want to choose a username that does not provide any personal information. Stay away from creating usernames that contain your name or date of birth. Another way to remain anonymous is to avoid providing a casino site with your true billing address. With these few tips, you can create an account without giving away too much of your information.

Make Use of Web Wallets

This is the best way to conduct payments if you wish to remain anonymous at a casino site. Since it is a third party option, you will be creating your account with the Web Wallet service and simply transferring funds to the casino account. This means you do not have to provide any baking information that can be sensitive to a gambling site. It will add more anonymity. Combined with using a separate email account, you are well on your way to playing online without revealing your true identity.

Access Bitcoin Casinos to Stay Anonymous

One of the new and exciting online casino options that is starting to merge is the Bitcoin casino. These have become very popular if you are seeking a site where you can remain completely anonymous. Since Bitcoins are not tied to any currency in the world, they can be used by anyone, in any location. Many online casinos have started to accept this form of payment, so you will find you have a number of great options. You can find a reliable and trusted site and make all your transactions through Bitcoin to avoid providing any financial or personal details to the site.

Protect Your IP Address

You may think you will be anonymous if you do not provide the casino with your address, banking information, or full name. While these things do help, you can still be traced using your IP address. Each time you access an online site, the IP address is used and this can be identified. There is a way to mask this so that you can be truly anonymous while gambling online.

The best and simplest way to hide an IP address is to make use of a VPN server. This Virtual Private Network Server provides a location in a city or country that is not your own. You will be connecting to the casino network using the VPN but will not divulge your actual location because it will be masked by the server. This is an easy way to stay anonymous and there are many VPN servers that can be used for free. It can also be helpful if you are trying to access a restricted online casino should gambling not be legal where you are located.

Avoid Social Engineering

Even after you have created an account using all of the mentioned methods to remain anonymous, you may actually end up providing details without even thinking about it. If you engage in chat with other players, you may end up revealing your name or location. In order to maintain your anonymity, avoid engaging in chat with any players or with dealers if you access live dealer casino games. This will prevent any information from getting out. The best way to do this is to simply disable chat features and avoid using e-mail notifications or SMS messages using your player account information.

With a few easy steps, you can begin enjoying a thrilling experience at a top rated casino site without worrying about your personal or financial information. Most of the leading sites will take great steps to protect your details, but you may wish to remain anonymous nonetheless. These methods will help you achieve that so you can gamble with no concerns and enjoy the best of the online gambling industry.

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