Payment methods

To make secure payments to your online casino, you’ll need a viable payment system that makes it possible. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, all offering secure and easy to use services. When it comes to making payments to online casinos, choosing the best for your needs is easy.

Top online casinos feature cutting edge SSL security. These encryption systems prevent fraud and ensure banking details remain 100% secure. NZ casinos support most popular payment options, including web wallets and credit cards. Bank transfers are also popular, but compared to e-wallets or credit cards, take longer and aren’t as easy to use.

Since many options are available, it’s best to know a bit more about the features each has to offer. We provide a detailed list of payment methods that remain the most popular and secure for online use.

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Payment methods

Making Deposits at NZ Online Casinos

New Zealand is a leading online casino market, with many top-rated casinos to choose from. Thus, many online payment options are accessible, including both local and international brands.

Most online casinos need the same procedure for payments to online casino. You’ll need to ensure your payment method is available when visiting the payment page. Ensure you can withdraw, as some options are good for deposits, but not withdrawals. One such service is PaySafeCard, which is brilliant when it comes to making deposits. You cannot use it to make withdrawals though and will need an alternative.

Deposit times using e-wallets, debit and credit cards are usually all instant. Deposit options such as cheque and bank transfers may take longer. The reason for this is that these need to reflect in the casino’s account before the funds become available.

Withdrawals at NZ Online Casinos

Secure withdrawal options at NZ casinos are plentiful. The most recommended and fastest would be web wallets, with credit cards not far behind. Bank transfers take up to 7 business days. Cheques take up to 28 days to complete with some casinos.

Web wallets are the best options for withdrawals as payments are instant. Unlike bank accounts, there aren’t as many factors that affect the speed of the payment. E-wallets can receive payments 24 hours a day whereas banks must follow banking hours. Services such as ecoPayz, Neteller and Skrill are great for withdrawals.

Credit cards can often take up to five days to reflect. The main reason has to do with certain protocols banks need to follow. The most popular credit and debit card options include Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

An important note:

Online casinos demand proof of address and ID before any payments can take place. The casino requests these forms with the first withdrawal. You will need to include both the old proof of address and new should you change the address at a later stage.

Most Popular New Zealand Payment Methods

Considering all the factors above, there’s definitely a few options that standout high above the rest. These include credit and debit cards and web wallets. Below, we look at a few of the most popular services and how they could enhance your online casino experience.

Visa and MasterCard

Credit cards are by far the most popular payment options as many people use these for other reasons as well. Those who don’t have a credit card are bound to have access to a Visa or MasterCard debit card, which includes the same features and securities.

These accounts allow instant deposits and are among the safest payment options available. The new one-time-pin (OPT) system allows only the owner of the account to make the payment as a special code is sent via email or mobile for each transaction.

Withdrawals are simple. Most casinos save the account information for security and convenience reasons. Some casinos may remove the info, meaning you’ll need your card before making withdrawals.

Web Wallets

Web wallets, also known as e-wallets have become hugely well-known for their speed and security. As mentioned, these provide both deposits and withdrawals instantly, which is simply limited by the casino. This makes it very attractive to players who want to access their winnings faster and still have the ability to use the account for other services.

Many web wallets such as Neteller, ecoPayz , Skrill and Neosurf provide the option to get a physical card. This gives you the option to use the account at land-based points of sale. These web wallets also provide an account management service. This includes limits, funding methods, full histories and more.

One of the biggest reasons e-wallets are big today is the security measures they include. None of your personal details ever form part of the transaction. Each time you send funds or receive funds, only your account ID or email forms part of the payment. So, no card details, address or any other details appear with the payment.

Most web wallets follow the same procedure when making a payment online. For example, at an online casino, you’ll need to provide the account ID for the web wallet along with the value of the deposit. Before the payment approves, you’ll be taken to a secure login for the web wallet. Once logged in, the payment request will appear that has to be approved before the web wallet service will allow the funds to leave the account.


POLi is a leading online payment system. Developed for Australia and New Zealand, this simple web wallet is very popular. In fact, the popular e-wallet, based in Melbourne, Australia and, launched in 2006. Most Kiwis in the know use POLi for all their online casino payments and withdrawals. There are quite a few benefits that come with using POLi. For one thing, users do not need to have a credit card and they don’t even have to register to use the system.

The way that POLi works is very simple. Kiwis can simply connect their existing online banking to their downloaded POLi app. POLI can be used either via your desktop computer or your mobile device. Simply select or specify your online banking account and login to use the system. Go to your online casino, choose the POLi payment option and transfer funds to your account. The POLi service itself is free of charge, although you will need to still pay your online banking fees.


Ukash uses virtual vouchers to make safe, instant payments online. Dating back to 2005, Ukash is one of the longest running e-voucher payment systems on the web. In 2015, PaySafeCard bought Ukash making it the world’s leading virtual voucher payment brand.

What this means is that Ukash is nowPaySafeCard. Even if your online casino lists Ukash as a payment option, in reality it is PaySafeCard. The system is identical and relies on the same basic prepaid voucher. Prepaid vouchers are available from any participating Ukash dealer.

All you need to do to use the system is:

1. buy your voucher from a store (or online)

2. go to your online casino

3. select Ukash as payment option

4. enter your voucher number, PIN and amount

5. confirm payment.

Your funds will reflect in your casino account within a few seconds. Among the many benefits of using Ukash, we have:


Easy to use

Very secure

Easy to control your bankroll


The Bitcoin is the leading virtual coin. Nowadays different online casinos are accepting Cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin. Paying with Bitcoin is simple and takes only minutes, but getting Bitcoin can be a little harder.

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